Etwa 8 Wochen nach der Brustverkleinerung, sie hat ebenfalls Fotos von den Narben gepostet. Super!
Guck bitte auch die anderen Beiträge. Sie schreibt zwar auf Englisch, man kann heutzutage aber schon ganze Webseiten übersetzen lassen.


Hola my SB & BB Chica’s!

So sorry I have been MIA, I have been crazy busy at work. Here I set almost 8 weeks post op & I am feeling pretty darn good.

Started working out a few weeks ago, but yesterday I started Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred & let me tell first it kicked my ass. Then from doing jumping jacks I really felt like my incisions were being pulled. Bra was to loose I think. So today I bought 3 new Danskin bra’s. Lets see how these girls work. I went for 36C over 38C hoping it will be tighter and give me more support.

The rib pain I have discussed before is essentially gone, Amen to that.

I am finally sleeping much better, side sleep is less painful now. I still have swelling on my sides but I manage.

Otherwise feeling great, best thing ever…

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